INTRODUCTION – A quick guide to my website.

October 21, 2011 in top spot, Uncategorized

>Hi there! 
Glenda is my name and massage is my game (or calling).  It is my passion and my purpose in life, to help people feel better.  And, I love it.

This is my web site.  Welcome, I hope you enjoy it.  It is a work in progress and probably always will be.  I am putting it together myself with some help from my son, Daniel Slatkin. I would appreciate any feed back you might want to give me.

In the introduction of a speech or a paper you tell your audience what you are going to tell them. Well; on this page, I am doing just that. This is my table of contents so to speak. It will tell you what I am planning on telling you on each page. Following is a list of the pages and buttons.

ABOUT:  This page will tell you more about me, about my business and about how the two fit together.

CONTACT: This page tells you about the various ways you can contact me.

doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS:  I am a firm believer in the benefit of essential oils and aromatherapy and feel doTerra is the best on the market.  It seemed the logical thing to do when I signed up as a distributor. On this page you can purchase doTERRA products or become a distributor yourself.

SERVICES AND PRICING:  This page has a complete menu of services I am currently offering and the services that I plan to offer in the future.  It also lists my prices and explains my interesting pricing structure.

VENUES:  This page tells you about the different places I work.  Then you are free to choose where you want me to work on you at.

These are the pages on my website.  They can be accessed from the header, the right sidebar or along the bottom.  The buttons on my site are the pretty little pictures at the top.

PRICE LIST:  This is a very simple concise price list for quick reference.  It will also tell about any specials that I may be running.

TESTIMONIALS:  This is where some of my wonderful clients have said nice things about me. You can also check me out on Yelp.

MASSAGE: This will be where I can tell about the benefits of massage, new things I have learned and whatever else I decide that should go here.

Again, I appreciate any input and hope this is helpful and enjoyable for you to read and look at.